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1. Ceramic Machinery

     1.1 Complete Plants for Production

     1.2 Raw Materials Extraction and Processing Equipment

     1.3 Batching and Weighing Systems Equipment

     1.4 Pressing, Forming and Casting Equipment

     1.5 Drying, Kiln and Heating Equipment

     1.6 Glazing and Decoration Equipment

     1.7 Inkjet Printing Equipment

     1.8 Surface Treatment and Finishing Equipment

     1.9 Deep Processing Equipment for Sintered Stone and Large Slab

     1.10 Analysis, Testing and Laboratory Equipment

     1.11 Quality Management and Process Control Equipment

     1.12 Sorting, Packaging, Handling and Storage Equipment

     1.13 Tableware Ceramics Production Equipment  

     1.14 Sanitaryware Ceramics Production Equipment  

     1.15 Other Equipment

2. Ceramic Raw Materials and Auxiliaries

     2.1 Raw Materials

     2.2 Chemical Products

     2.3 Mold Materials

     2.4 Refractory Materials

     2.5 Wear-resistant Material

     2.6 Other Raw Materials and Auxiliaries

3. Ceramic Decoration Materials

     3.1 Pigments, Glazes and Frits

     3.2 Inkjet Printing Ink

     3.3 Additives

     3.4 Stained Paper

     3.5 Gold Paste, Liquid Gold, Liquid Luster, Ink Varnish

     3.6 Other Decoration Materials

4. Intelligent and Digital Technology, Industrial Robot

5. Low-carbon Technology, Resource Regeneration 

Technology, Hydrogen Energy Technology

6. Molds, Tools, Spare Parts and Accessories

7. Electrical Machine, Reduction Gear, Transducer 

and Other Electromechanical Products

8. Structural Ceramics, Functional Ceramics

9. Pattern Design, Software Systems

10. Others