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Supported by:

China National Light Industry Council

Sponsored by:

China Ceramic Industrial Association

Organized by:

Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Domestic Supporters:

Changge Sanitaryware Industry Association

Chaozhou Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Industry Association

Chaozhou Ceramic Industry Association

Chaozhou Ceramic Raw Material Industry Association

Dapu County Ceramic Industry Association

Fujian Ceramic Industry Association

Gao'an Ceramic Industry Association

Gaoyi County Ceramic Industry Association

Guangxi Beiliu Ceramic Industry Association

Guangxi Ceramic Industry Association

Hebei Glass & Ceramic Industry Association

Heilongjiang Ceramic Industry Association

Henan Ceramic & Glass Industry Management Association

Hubei Dangyang Ceramic Industry Association

Hunan Ceramic Industry Association

Jiajiang West Porcelain Capital Ceramic Association

Jiangsu Ceramic Industry Association

Jiangxi Ceramic Industry Association

Jiangxi Porcelain Chamber of Commerce

Jingdezhen Ceramic Association

Jinjiang Building Material & Ceramic Industry Association

Liaoning Faku Ceramic Association

Liling Ceramic Equipment and Materials Association

Linyi (Luozhuang) Ceramic Association

Pingxiang Industrial Ceramics Industry Association

Raoping County Ceramic Chamber of Commerce

Shandong Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Industry Association

Shandong Ceramic Industry Association

Tangshan Ceramic Association

Tengxian County Ceramic Industry Association

Yangcheng County Building Ceramic Association

Yixing Ceramic Industry Association

Zibo Industry Development Center for Ceramic, Glaze and Textile

(In alphabetical order)

Overseas Supporters:

Argentine Technical Association of Ceramic (ATAC)

Association State Sao Paulo of Covering Ceramics (ASPACER)

Bangladesh Ceramic Manufacturers & Exporters 

Association (BCMEA)

Indian Ceramic Society (InCerS)

Iran Ceramic Producers Syndicate (IRCPS)

Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

Korea Ceramic & Tile Industry Cooperative

Korean Fine Ceramics Association (KFCA)

Morbi Ceramics Association

Spanish Ceramic Tile Machinery Manufactures 

Association (ASEBEC)

The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)

The Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, 

Sanitaryware and Related Products (ANFACER)

The Indonesian Ceramic Industry Association (ASAKI)

Turkish Ceramics Federation (TSF)

Vietnam Building Ceramic Association (VIBCA)

(In alphabetical order)