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Empowering High-Quality Development

The on-going innovations in technology, art and design are the consequent factors for the high-quality development in ceramics industry. Once the market is in its downturn, the innovative products are necessarily needed to create the new engine for future economic growth.

The ceramics industry flourishes when the auxiliary products are booming. The innovation of ceramics industry is overall the innovation of technology, process and materials. The R&D and innovation breakthrough of equipment and materials suppliers will trigger the technological transformation of ceramics industry.

CERAMICS CHINA 2023 will gather nearly thousand excellent suppliers of equipment and materials from home and abroad, to display their high-quality products, leading technologies and solutions including raw materials, decorative materials, refractories, grinding materials, production and finishing equipment, spare parts, moulds, tools, design services, etc., to empower the high-quality development of the ceramics industry.

Gathering with Global Innovations

Historical exhibitors of CERAMICS CHINA are from 30 countries and regions including China, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, France, USA, Japan, Korea, India, etc. Local visitors cover over 300 cities in mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, while foreign visitors are from more than 80 countries including India, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

As the important platform of technological communication and trade cooperation in the global ceramics industry, CERAMICS CHINA gathers with global innovations, promotes industrial upgrade and high-quality growth, and becomes the brand event widely acknowledged and actively attended in the global ceramics industry.

Expo-Plus to Enhance Industry Alliance

While promoting industrial innovations, the Organizers will enhance Expo-Plus model to organize multiple related exhibitions concurrently to connect relevant industrial chains by linking to more upstream and downstream suppliers, and attracting a wider visiting group. The Expo-Plus model will bridge the One-Stop business communication platform which offers to exhibiting companies for technological competition and meets various needs for visitors & buyers.

FIVE related exhibitions including:

China Exhibition of Technology, Equipment and Raw Materials for Ceramic Tableware (Tableware Tech 2023)

China Exhibition of Intelligence and Digitization Technology & Application for Ceramics Industry (IDT Expo 2023)

China Exhibition of Eco, Low Carbon Technology & PV Power Generation Project Construction (LCT Expo 2023)

China Exhibition of Deep-processing Technology and Equipment for Ceramic Tiles, Slabs, and Stones (DPT Expo 2023)

China Exhibition of Pasting and Caulking Technology for Ceramic Tiles (PCT Expo 2023)