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Review of the great event

We appreciate all the global participants

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  • CERAMICS CHINA 2021 Comes to Conclusion with Great Success

    The 35th China International Exhibition for Ceramics Technology, Equipment and Products (CERAMICS CHINA 2021) was successfully held in Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou from July 27th to 30th. This top brand pageant in the world’s ceramic industry has an exhibition area of 78,000 sq.m and converges 603 exhibitors from over 10 countries and regions. With the visiting person-time of 68,167, visitors are from over 16 countries and regions.

  • Six Highlights of Ceramics China 2021

    1) Strong Attention of Production & Processing Technology of Sintered Stone & Slab, National Trend Becomes the Top Popularity; 2) Driven by New Generation of IT, Automated/Intelligent Production Getting Matured; 3) Established Factories of Digital Technology + Scientific Management, Realized Huge Data Analysis; 4) Ceramic Inkjet Technology Never Stop its Progress, the Vision of Ceramic Decoration Ecosystem still Worth Expecting; 5) Green Technology and Sustainable Solutions Offered Purification for Environment Governance; 6) Innovative Raw Materials and Functional Materials Running ahead of the Trend, Offered Strong Support for Ceramic Tiles.

  • Comments from Visitors of Ceramics China 2021

    The exhibition can relatively meet our expectation which we have now in discussion of some intended equipment and materials. Due to the pandemic situation, unfortunately the number of international exhibitors has reduced to some extents.

The effect of this participation is in our expectation as it's never an easy thing for exhibition during the epidemic. The ceramics industry highly acknowledges the professionalism and service of UNIFAIR Exhibition. CERAMICS CHINA really deserves as the professional event of ceramics equipment and materials. During the Opening Ceremony, our company has the honor to receive two special awards. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the organizer for the great attention and acknowledgement.

----- Mr. Wan Peng, President of 

Guangdong Jumper Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.

The effect of this participation is beyond our expectation. Due to COVID, the fair was postponed that all plans were disrupted, the organizer was working orderly with their emergency treatments and related services in their place. Meanwhile, the exhibition launched Virtual Ceramic Connect during the exhibition to bridge platform for our communication with international buyers.

---- Mr. Li Zhanhua, General Manager of 

Guangdong Modena Technology Ltd.

On the first day of the exhibition, the effect was quite good with very good visitors' quality, and we received many potential orders on-site which are now in the process of following-up. The buyers we received were mainly from Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. The on-site services including aerial video, live broadcast and booth visit offered by the organizer were good, and the overall effect reached our expectation.

---- Mr. Quan Renmao, President of 

Guangdong Nade New Material Co., Ltd.

We received buyer groups from Foshan, Chaozhou, Tangshan, Fujian, Henan, Hubei and other places during the fair. The on-site target audience was accurate and the orders were directly targeted on the same day. We look forward to the multi-faceted and multi-channel promotion from the organizers. Wish the exhibition will be better and better.

---- Mr. Zhao Xianglai, General Manager of 

Tangshan Hexiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

We have received potential clients mainly from building ceramics, technical ceramics, tableware ceramics in Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, Zhejiang. The epidemic prevention of the exhibition was quite good and safe for our onsite business meetings. Our company has received great attention by the media, which achieved certain promotion for our products.

——Mr. Eric Yu, CEO of 

Zschimmer&Schwarz Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.

The overall service of the exhibition was very good. We could have in-depth conversations with buyers and understand their different preferences. We suggest that more industrial chain products can be added in the next exhibition to enrich the exhibition range. There are various concurrent activities together with diversified exhibition promotions. Our special thanks to UNIFAIR Exhibition for their hard working and considerate service.

——Mr. Zhao Xiaoping, General Manager of 

Shandong Panson Ceramics S&T Co., Ltd.

We are glad to see that all the buyers in our booth are our target visitors. We have achieved the purpose of our participation this edition by reaching direct cooperation intention with several domestic clients. The concurrent forums are of very high quality and standard. From my personal point of view, it is better than previous editions. I hope the epidemic will go away very soon and the exhibition will be growing better!

——Mr. Peng Xianghui, General Manager of 

Foshan Vanda Glaze Technology Co., Ltd.

This is the first time for Veegoo to participate CERAMICS CHINA as exhibitor. The exhibition is highly professional, and the service awareness of the organizer is nice. And the before show promotion are very rich, which help us to achieve our expected effect. The booth was well located and attended by many professional visitors.

——Mr. Christina Deng, General Manager of 

Foshan Veegoo Technology Co., Ltd.

It is really not easy for the successful exhibition during the epidemic situation with certain results. Thumbs up for the organizer! We have received many potential orders during the exhibition as we have not only received visits of domestic customers, but also foreign buyers in our booth. We are satisfied with the concurrent activities, on-site services and exhibition itself. 

——Mr. Wang Xianhai, General Manager of 

Zibo Huayan Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd.

For the first time to participate in CERAMICS CHINA 2021, our booth is well located, which is easy to attract the attention of professional buyers. We received domestic visitors from Jiangxi, Shandong and Fujian and have had nice discussions regarding environmental protection and governance with all sectors of the industry, which was very fruitful.

——Mr. Liu Yanfeng, General Manager of 

Foshan Oris Technology Co., Ltd.