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SACMI Will Exhibit In CERAMICS CHINA 2019 With 1200sqm!

Found in 1919, as a global leader in ceramic industry, SACMI is the largest and the most influential ceramic equipment corporation in the world. Its core business is to design and manufacture single equipment and entire plants for ceramic industry.


Having been participating in CERAMICS CHINA since 1987, SACMI grows and successfully develops China market and Asia market through CERAMICS CHINA.


In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary, SACMI decides to exhibit in Ceramics China 2019 with the largest booth up to 1200㎡ and display the most comprehensive slab manufacturing machine CONTINUA+ for the first time in China. The booth of SACMI (C209, H3.1) will surely become the biggest spotlight and focus from June 18 to 21.



Continua+® is the latest technology developed by Sacmi for slab and large size tile production; the production line is composed of a metallic conveyor belt wherein powders can be deposited by many feeding devices and “continuously” compacted at high specific pressure, as required for porcellanato tiles. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary technology as ceramic slabs are formed without a traditional press, thus overcoming the concept of tile size related to a specific die. Looking at Continua+ line in production, its simplicity and the huge advantages with respect to the alternative solutions present in the market are immediately evident.


Continua+® grants utmost flexibility of size and thickness and the highest productivity.    

Finished product width, thanks to easy and fast setting of the line (rapid change in 20 minutes) and final length can be chosen and fixed just changing the green cutting position of the pressed material (typical values: 1200, 2400, 3000, and 3200 mm).There is the possibility of further green cutting to smaller sizes down to a minimum of 400 mm tiles (i.e: 600x1200, 600x600, 800x800, 800x2400, 1500x1500, 750x1500, 900x900, …).By setting the maximum width of forming, a single line can produce up to 15,700sqm/day!    


Continua+® offers specific costs reduction and lower environmental impact.    

The line does not require any groundwork (foundations); vibrations and noise are absent; installed power is less than 50 kW as the electrical specific consumption is just 0,06 kWh/m2; scraps originated by green cutting are lower than 3%. Man-power costs are also reduced.     


Continua+® grants the widest possibility for aesthetic designing of finished products, thanks to:    

• Whole thickness and multi-layer powder decoration,

• Dry digital decoration with coloured powders, grains, flakes and glazes,

• Outstanding finishing of the surface pressed by upper steel belt, unequalled shine!

• Continuous structured upper belt for surface texturing,

• Perfect integration with following decoration machines, with the advantages of multi-dimensional personalization with the SACMI Deep Digital line, that digitally generates all the information for the decoration processes. On-surface images are coordinated automatically, resulting in the first digital slab with a profoundly natural look.    


Besides a complete set of Continua+, SACMI will also display DHD 708 (digital high definition printer), PH16000 (new generation of integrated-automation press), DDG (digital dry glazing machine), FLAWMASTER (automatic vision system for sorting lines) and other innovative technology and equipment.