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Pre-registration Update: By April 7, There Were 3,118 Domestic Visitors and 1,443 Overseas Visitors
The invitation and organization of domestic and overseas visitors have always been the top priority for both sponsors and organizers of CERAMICS CHINA. Both sponsors and organizers together with all exhibitors are actively mobilizing their own resources to promote the exhibition and invite visitors through various channels, which have built up a huge network and strong force to enhance the development of the exhibition.
According to the chart, the number of visitors to the exhibition in recent years has increased in parallel with the exhibition area and exhibitors quantity. As there are only 68 days to go for CERAMICS CHINA 2019, we have already recorded participation of nearly 700 exhibitors, while the total number is expected to exceed 900. From the current weekly analysis of pre-registered domestic and overseas visitors’ data via online and offline channels, the total number of visitors in 2019 edition is expected to reach 80,000.
Domestic Visitors
Through years of experience in exhibition organization, Unifair Exhibition Service has established a huge database with about 300,000 information of middle and senior management from upstream and downstream enterprises and related units of building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, tableware ceramics, artistic ceramics, industrial ceramics, etc.

The invitation and organization methods of domestic visitors include: door to door visiting, direct phone call, WeChat/ SMS / email, relevant exhibition/ BBS site, courier invitation, media partners, local government/association group, online and offline activities, and so on.

At present, the total number of pre-registered domestic visitors via online and offline channels is 3,118, coming from 27 provinces and cities including Guangdong , Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hebei and Shanxi. Details are as followed:

Overseas Visitors
Unifair Exhibition Service Company has owned more than 50,000 overseas visitors’ data covering 107 countries and regions, among which visitors from Asian countries accounts for 72%, European countries 16%, American countries 9%, and African & Oceanian countries 3%.
Overseas visitors will be invited and organized in the following ways: industry association/chamber of commerce/institute group, media partner group, exhibition agency group, direct telephone call, email/social platform invitation, relevant exhibition site invitation, courier invitation, etc.

At present, the total number of overseas visitors who have pre-registered via online and offline channels is 1,443, coming from 94 countries and regions including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt and Russia. Details are as followed: