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Official Solemn Statement by China Ceramic Industrial Association
All Ceramics Industry Units:

After over 30 years of development, CERAMICS CHINA, firstly launched in 1987, has been developed from a small-scale machinery exhibition to a comprehensive trading platform covering a complete industrial chain including raw materials, decorative materials, technical equipment, spare parts and design services, which has been the important platform for exhibitors worldwide of showcasing advanced technologies. Nowadays, CERAMICS CHINA is a national brand event approved and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, which is also an annual industrial gathering commonly recognized by global ceramics industry.

In order to hold one exhibition of ceramic finished products with the biggest scale and the most influence in China, China Building Material Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, Guangdong Ceramics Association and some corporate shareholders initiated the establishment of Foshan Zhongtao Alliance Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  in 2014. The exclusive purpose of the company was to create a globally-influential exhibition of ceramic finished products in China. However, the company had some problems in the course of its operation. In the absence of the consent of our four major shareholders, the company arbitrarily held CICEE in 2018. The exhibition seriously violated the original intention of the company, which led to the emergence of two ceramic equipment exhibitions in China and brought great confusion to exhibitors at home and abroad. For this reason, the four major shareholders including China Building Material Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association have repeatedly raised strong opposition.

To protect the brand event, which has now gained high brand awareness and exerted profound influence with a good image and mature operation, CERAMICS CHINA is built up by the painstaking effort of over 30 years from the whole ceramic industry, We have once again issued the official solemn statement to all ceramic industry colleagues, expressing our strong determination to organize CERAMICS CHINA, and our firm opposition to Foshan Zhongtao Alliance Science & Technology Co., Ltd. from arbitrarily organizing ceramics machinery and raw materials exhibition which is against our previous intention. We firmly believe that all industry colleague  will be able to distinguish justice from evil, to stand forward bravely to support the reputation of China's ceramic industry, to oppose such misconduct of destroying and monopolizing the industry exhibition by some individual company, especially to firmly against the severe practice of expanding the misconduct to foreign exhibitors.
At last, we hope that all industry colleagues will continue to support and protect our globally-well known historical brand event with over 32 years, and to increasingly develop it as a significant  position for the development of China and the world's ceramic industry.
China Ceramic Industrial Association
5th March, 2019

Copies to:
All Governments of Ceramic Production Districts;
All Provincial and Cities Ceramic Industrial Associations in China.