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214 New Ceramic Investment Projects Were Added Nationwide in 2018
Since 2018, well-known ceramic enterprises such as Mona Lisa, Monarch, KITO, DongPeng, GANI have invested the construction of new ceramic projects, many of whom have a total investment of more than 1 billion. According to the results on the national investment project publicity website, we’ve learned that, in addition to well-known ceramic enterprises, in 2018, it’s estimated that a total of 214 ceramic investment projects were approved throughout the country, among which the largest number of investment projects are located in Fujian producing area, which are 67 in total, while Guangdong region has 15 and Shandong region has 6.

A total of 214 new investment projects were added nationwide
Mainly concentrated in Fujian, Hubei and Henan
According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, there were about 214 investment projects which were launched by ceramic enterprises approved. Fujian, Hubei and Henan have the largest number of investment. A total of 67 new investment projects are located in Fujian, ranking first among all major producing areas, and the investment types are various; Hubei has 29 new investment projects, most of which are technical transformation and environmental protection upgrade of ceramic production lines; There are 16 investment projects in Henan, including ceramic production lines, tile processing lines, and raw material projects.
In 2018, a total of 67 ceramic investment projects in Fujian producing area passed the examination and approval, ranking first among the national producing areas. The investment projects involve ceramic production projects, processing projects and ceramic raw materials. Among them, the number of ceramic projects in the new production line is the largest, with a total of 37, most of which are located in Dehua County.
From the searched information, in 2018, there were 15 new ceramic investment projects in Guangdong ,of which Foshan has 7 projects. Most of the investment projects are the construction of ceramic equipment and industrial chain platforms, as well as the relocation and transformation of existing production lines. Surrounding cities like Yangjiang, Yunfu, Heyuan and Chaozhou have 2 projects separately. The investment types include: ceramic raw material construction and factory renovation.
In September 2017, Foshan released “Foshan Implementation of Strengthening Measures and Division of Air Pollution Prevention in Guangdong Province”, which means the city would no longer build or expand ceramic production line projects. Judging from the results of the survey, the newly added investment projects of Foshan ceramic enterprises are also mainly based on environmental protection transformation, intelligent upgrade and digital ceramic project development.
In recent years, Teng County in Guangxi has gradually attracted a number of ceramic enterprises to settle in the construction of new lines. Among the ceramic investment projects approved by Guangxi in 2018, in addition to the “Mona Lisa's high-end, intelligent building ceramics production project with an annual output of 72 million square meters”, there were also high-grade interior wall brick production projects with an annual output of nearly 40 million square meters. The ceramic investment projects of new production lines mainly focus on the production of high-end building ceramics.
In addition to the new ceramic production lines, Guangxi producing area has also added new investment in ceramic industry supporting services such as “ceramic industrial park comprehensive infrastructure” and “ceramic enterprise technology center construction project”.
According to the results of the inquiry, there are 16 ceramic investment projects in Henan Province since 2018, total 9 new projects, including ceramic production lines, tile processing lines and raw material projects. The production line project with the highest annual output is the ceramic brick construction project with an annual output of “13 million square meters from Henan Jieshi Industry”.
Since 2018, 29 ceramic investment projects have been approved in Hubei, and the most common types of projects are the technical transformation and environmental protection upgrades of the production line. In terms of upgrading, the adjustments are mainly made on production equipment, factory facilities, and centralized gas supply.
As a traditional ceramic producing area, Shandong has undergone a series of fluctuations since 2018, and 6 investment projects have been approved in Shandong. Four of them are two ceramic processing lines with an annual output of 160,000 square meters and 20,000 square meters and two glazes investment projects. The investment areas are Dezhou City (2), Weihai City (1), Jixian County (1), Dongying City (1), and Yucheng City (1).