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Shandong Xinde Electronic Equipment Co, Ltd was established in August18th, 2012. It located in the ceramic production base- Zibo ceramic industrialpark. Our company is the first professional service company to maintain and maintain inkjet printer in China. The company adheres to the principle of reducing unnecessary costs for ceramics, striving to be the best inkjet equipment service provider in the country, the company has a strong research team, long-term study of foreign precision electronics, all kinds of ceramic inkjet machine circuit drive, especially for starlight nozzle 100% repair rate, Britain Sell nozzle circuit 90% repair success rate. Let the customer use the minimum maintenance cost to let the sprinkler back to normal use.。Adhering to the principle of lowering costs for ceramic enterprises, the company provides various quality and inexpensive inkjet parts. And provide customers with authoritative technical consultation and service of inkjet printer.