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Guangdong Jinma Leading Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Jinma Leading”) is jointly invested by Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and South China Intelligent Robot Innovation Research Institute, and is committed to high-tech technology companies of ceramic intelligent equipment. For many years, the company has carried out extensive application and promotion of sanitary ceramics, electronic hardware and equipment manufacturing industries: sanitary ceramic equipment, non-standard automation equipment, robot applications, and lean production management systems. Among them, in the sanitary ceramic intelligent equipment, the first development of the toilet blank grinding robot system in China; the first in China to achieve the full process automation production from "pipe glazing to Zhijie glaze", the development of robot spray glaze production in efficiency and production Leading in quality and other aspects in China. The company now has a number of intellectual property rights, and its technical achievements have been widely promoted. It has been successfully put into use in well-known sanitary ware enterprises such as Hengjie, Jiumu, Kohler, Huida, Jinpai and Jiajia. The company now has a research and development innovation team of more than 110 people, forming a complete industry-wide value chain integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, construction and after-sales system solutions.