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NEWS ABOUT EXHIBITORS: Jingang New Materials
JINGANG NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD LOCATED IN ZOUPING,SHANDONG PROVINCE,It is a high-tech enterprise researching, developing, manufacturing and selling high-purity ultra-fine α aluminum oxide powder, new materials of high-performance special alumina products,oil fracturing proppants and foundry new materials.it has 9 independent production lines for alumina products, 3 production lines for aluminum oxide powder and 14 production lines for oil fracturing proppants and foundry new materials. It possesses the annual production capacity of 200,000t high-temperature α alumina powder, 150,000t microcrystal and wear-resistance alumina ceramics, and 700,000t high-performance oil proppant and foundry new materials. The output always being the leader of this industry.

#01 Microcrystalline Wear-resistant Alumina Ballstone
 The microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina ballstone is a high-quality grinding medium made of selected high grade materials, advanced molding technology and calcined in high-temperature tunnel kiln. Possessed with high density, high hardness, low wear, good seismic stability and good corrosion resistance, the products are the most ideal medium for grinding glaze, blank and mineral powder processing, and are used as the grinding medium of ball mill in ceramics, cement, paint, refractory, inorganic mineral powder and other industries.

#02 Microcrystalline Wear-resistant Alumina Lining Brick
The microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina lining brick can be divided into rectangular brick, trapezoidal brick and irregular brick as shape. The product has the high hardness, density, wear low, the neat degree good, anti-corrosion, used for ball mill wear-resisting lining, widely used in ceramic, cement, paint, paint, chemical, pharmaceutical, coating, etc, and can effectively improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the grinding cost, reduce product pollution.

#03 High-purity Alumina Fillers
Possessed of high strength, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong acid-base resistance and good thermal shock property, ceramic filler balls are mainly used in the high-temperature, high-pressure and strong corrosive working environment of petrochemical industry as the most ideal fillers for reformer, reaction furnace and packed column in petroleum and chemical industry.