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Guangdong JCG Machinery Co.,ltd. is located in Shishan Technical & Industrial Garden of Nanhai, the Pearl River Delta. Established in 1996, the company specializes in ceramic machinery  manufacturing.

#01 Hyper-series Sizing Machine

Adopt high-accuracy one-at-a-time shaping technology on cross-beam,to adopt double-pressing-beam structure,can effectively prevent the half-finished tile from deflection and displacement in grinding process;To adopt advanced squaring head structure with Φ250mm wheel,can achieve low energy consumption and good grinding effect;Can effectively eliminate unstable shrinkage rate,asymmetric size and minor edge rip-off of tiles,which significantly improves product quality.

#2 Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine adopts advanced head structure and control mode.6 oscillating abrasives grind on tile surface simultaneously when head rotates during polishing,which greatly improves gloss.Abrasive touches tile surface in line,so it is easy to cool down.The whole head structure floats and is able to adjust itself automatically when there is thickness difference among newly changed abrasives or flatness of tile surface is poor,in order to avoid machine vibration and breakage.