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The Changes Among China’s Ceramic Industry After the Storm

1, The Market Tend to be More Standardized and More Orderly

Why the environmental protection department shut down so many enterprises, the reason is that the environmental protection procedures of these enterprises are incomplete and fail to meet the national requirements. After this major rectification, small scale enterprises that are disorderly develop and viciously competitive will inevitably fall out, leaving behind  quality enterprises with formal production and sound development.

 2, Products Will Meet Rational Rise in Prices

Not long ago, due to overcapacity in the market, and the fact that many tricky businessmen who cut corners and deliberately lowered prices have disrupted the market price, many fine products are difficult to show, and prices are not raised. However, under the tightening of policies, a large number of non-standard enterprises will be severely punished, which will affect the stock in the market. When the contradiction between supply and demand is further intensified, coupled with the raw materials and supporting price increases caused by inflation, and the rising environmental costs, this is bound to Leading to the overall rise in ceramic products.

3, The Brand Advantage is Revealing
In the past, some bosses of ceramic company would laugh at people who took the branding route, and consider it as a waste of money. by Now, they should be jokes about their short-sightedness, because the future of branded enterprises will be brighter and brighter. After the storm of environmental protection policy, the ceramic market was cleaned up, and the survived outstanding company must have an ace in the hole. Competition in the ceramic industry will become even more intense in the future. Whoever has a high reputation and great influence can stay in the lead. Therefore, the enterprises which focus on branding strategy will usher in a business opportunity. As the saying goes,no pains, no gains!

4, High Quality Products Will be More Competitive

After the storm of environmental protection policy, if you want to stand out in the strong competition, then the enterprises must put more effort into the quality and added value of the product. The so-called promotion of product materials and functions, it is already out-dated, consumers will no longer pay for it. In the future, they will pay more attention to the value of the product.

5, The Ceramic Industry Will Usher in the Trend of Technological Transformation

The reason why so many enterprises shut down under the storm of environmental protection policy is that the ou-dated technology has not kept pace with the development of the times. We objectively look at ceramic products, due to the lack of innovation, many enterprises have obvious homogenization and severe overcapacity. The environmental protection rectification has forced enterprises to reform their technology. The reason why there so many pollution problems is that the underdeveloped technology and the nonstandard management.
In the future, we will see many enterprises spontaneously carry out technological reforms due to the force from policy and the urgency of product upgrade. But if you’re longing for long-term development  the technical reform will be the first priority. Complaints will not help, change the concept, transform and upgrade the technology in advance is the right choice.

6, Reliable platform for Resource Integration
In addition to rectification and transformation, under the environmental protection trend, the ceramic industry should concentrate more into the technical exchange and resource integration with insiders. To drive the technological innovation to the market application and lead the technological direction of global ceramic industry. The largest event in global ceramic industry-- CERAMICS CHINA will be held on 18th - 21st June, 2019, at Area A, Canton Fair Complex. By then many big names in environmental protection technology of ceramic industry will welcome you with their most advanced products and technology.