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Trust on CERAMICS CHINA 2019. Don’t Believe Any Rumors!
If you still remember the rumor spread around last year that “CERAMICS CHINA 2018 was canceled.”But guess what? CERAMICS CHINA 2018 was not only organized as scheduled but also widely achieved its large scale and anticipated effect, which slapped the faces of the people who made this rumor up. 
And later, out of nowhere, another rumor arose that “the General Manager of Unifair was poached by another company with shares”? However, once again, guess what? The GM of Unifair is still working in her position properly. But the weird thing is that the GM of the rumor producing company has quitted his job with dismissing all its sales and operation team members.

Why there are always rumors against CERAMICS CHINA? The answer is clear that this rumor-producing company always targets at CERAMICS CHINA. Without any expertise of exhibition experience, the company is more specialized in making and spreading gossips or rumors. Its staff works so hard to complete the rumor producing tasks assigned by their superiors. As a result, when one goes down, the other takes over. 
Recently, again another rumor was spreading among the market that "CERAMICS CHINA 2020 will not be held in Guangzhou anymore”? 
Excuse me? Any other disgusting tricks? Why can’t they be more creative? 
This year they deceived many enterprises to participate in their own exhibition with the shares tricks. Why don’t they use it again? Obviously that many enterprises who have been taken for a ride have recognized those conspiracies. Early this year, they said they’re going to expand the exhibition scale to 100,000 square meters in 2019. Then later they don’t even mention about the "scale" thing to cheat the enterprises. The fact is that it’s all disgusting tricks and lies! 
We understand that rumors about the CERAMICS CHINA will never stop. 
Rumor itself is not fearful at all, but easily believing in rumor is definitely dreadful.
When there are rumors about CERAMICS CHINA, there is our calling for all exhibitors to avoid them and support CERAMICS CHINA. Only by protecting and developing CERAMICS CHINA, shall your business benefit more from it and thus the industry can develop steadily and healthily in the long run. 

China Light Industry Council, China Building Materials Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., all 6 organizers launched the first domestic Press Conference of CERAMICS CHINA 2019 on 2rd November in Foshan.
Mr. DU Tonghe, Chairman of China Ceramic Industrial Association, emphasized in his speech that CERAMICS CHINA witnessed the glory of development of China's ceramic industry. Protecting and developing CERAMICS CHINA is to maintain the stable development, the unity and the international image of China's ceramic industry. China Ceramic Industrial Association insist on opposing any exhibitions similar to CERAMICS CHINA and reject any confusion caused by informal vicious competition.

Mr. CHEN Guoqing, Vice-President of China Building Material Federation and President of CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, addressed a speech that“China Building Material Federation and China Light Industry Council have reached an agreement that from 2019, we will co-organize CERAMICS CHINA with China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association, CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council and China Ceramic Industrial Association, to serve the purpose of fulfilling the requirements from industries and enterprises, integrating resources from all sources and providing better service for both exhibitors and visitors. Related units in CBMF will fully support and continue our efforts to organize CERAMICS CHINA 2019, so as to better play the role of exhibition in promoting high quality development of China’s building and sanitary ceramics industry.”
Mr. ZHANG Chonghe, President of China Light Industry Council emphasized again in concluding statement that China Light Industry Council and relevant trade associations will not support another regional exhibition similar to CERAMICS CHINA! We suggest exhibitors to pay prior attention to the overall benefit of the industry and make wise decision of participating the exhibition.
The clear speeches from the above mentioned three leaders are the official announcements. Any other statements not confirmed by the organizers of CERAMICS CHINA are rumors. We should be reasonable in any rumors. It is stupid to easily believe in any rumors or spread rumors. Please be a man of your word, not of your keyboard.

Last but not least, I just want to add that UNIFAIR is an exhibition organizer with our corporate mission only focusing on the improvement of our exhibition service. We don’t produce any ceramics equipment or raw materials. Our dear exhibitors shall not be worried about the scooping of your employees, copying your technology or stealing of your clients. Of course, you know what I mean.  : )