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Breaking News: the World’s First Station Press Conference for CERAMICS CHINA 2019 in Italy
In order to broaden the influence of CERAMICS CHINA in Europe, China Ceramic Industrial Association, Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, jointly held the World’s First Station Press Conference for CERAMICS CHINA on 24th September at Rimini Expo Centre in Italy.
Participants in this Press Conference include representatives of media, trade associations, manufacturers of ceramic products, equipment and raw materials, organizers of international exhibition and trade promotion organization. They come from different countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Russia, USA, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, China, etc.
Ms. HAN Xiuping, General Manager of Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., said that CERAMICS CHINA takes three important moves in 2019: the first one is that both sponsors and organizers of CERAMICS CHINA will cooperate more closely together than ever, integrating resources and deepening their cooperation with trade associations and the exhibition organizers worldwide. The second one is that it shifts to a better and more considerate date for the show, avoiding overlapping with either weekend or major holiday. It would be more convenient for both technical exchange and business cooperation negotiation between exhibitors and buyers. The third one is that a monitor system of separate exhibition space will be introduced to allow more exhibitors with excellent products under the fixed exhibition area to participate, and to enlarge market amount and visitor group with better exhibition services.
As a world-famous brand event in ceramic industry, CERAMICS CHINA displays her international influence in attracting a large number of non- Chinese exhibitors and overseas buyers. At the last edition in 2017, the number of non-Chinese exhibitors reached 202 coming from more than 20 countries and regions including Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and South Korea. Among them, the Italian Pavilion has been joining us for nearly 30 years. Other countries like UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, and South Korea have also participated in the form of pavilions for quite many years. In 2019, the sponsor and organizer of CERAMICS CHINA will take more efforts to bring in more international pavilions and overseas delegations. Since CERAMICS CHINA 2019 is open for application this June onwards, over 500 companies have confirmed their booth, and 372 companies have signed contracts.
Mr. Igor Palka, Exhibition Director of Messe München Germany, the  overseas partner of CERAMICS CHINA 2019, just addresses a speech that, “as one of the world's leading exhibition companies, Messe München has over 70 branch offices in more than 100 countries and regions. Since 2016 we have been working together with Unifair on Indian Ceramics and Ceramics Asia with the subtitle ’two shows - one date’. The partnership between Messe München and Unifair has even grown to the extend, that our colleagues will promote CERAMICS CHINA and try to organize large pavilions coming to Guangzhou next year”. He believes European enterprises should be not afraid of the Chinese market as it is now playing a significant role in the world. On the contrary, they should seize the opportunity and find a suitable and trustworthy partner in China. 

One of co-sponsors of CERAMICS CHINA 2019, Mr. ZHOU Zhizhou, Vice-Chairman of CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council, highlighted in his speech that: “not long ago, CCPITBM and CCIA signed a strategic agreement. Refer to this agreement, CERAMICS CHINA will take place in cooperation between building materials associations and light industry associations. I believe this strong combination will give full play to our respective advantages, and inspire Ceramics China to take on a brand new look and step into a new era. ”
In the conference conclusion, Mr. DU Tonghe, Chairman of China Ceramic Industrial Association, further introduced the development status, market demand and prospect for the growth of China’s ceramic industry. He said, “After years of rapid development, the total value of China's ceramic industry of building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, tableware, and industrial ceramics reached 800 billion yuan with an annual growth rate of around 7%. Among them, building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, and tableware mainly feed the domestic market of China. The huge market of over 1.3 billion Chinese people and their pursuit for better life is furthering the Chinese ceramic industry to move towards high-quality development. In the first half year of 2018, the output value of various types of ceramics in China reached 320 billion yuan with an increase of 10% compared to the same period of last year. Both the high-quality development of China's ceramic industry and the appearance of ceramic zones in the Midwest will bring more business opportunities to suppliers of ceramic machinery and ceramic raw materials. ”
Founded in 1987, CERAMICS CHINA has been a highly-praised international brand pageant with a history of over 30 years. It is also one of the biggest exhibitions of ceramic machinery equipment and raw materials in the world, with over a thousand exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, focusing on showcases including cutting edge technology, high-end products and advanced concepts. Tens of thousands of visitors worldwide achieves full trading exchanges, deep cooperation and mutual development via this platform. Indeed, CERAMICS CHINA has become an important engine that triggers the world’s development in ceramic industry.

As the major trading platform of “bring in” and “go global” strategy for over 30 years, CERAMICS CHINA devotes herself in collecting the most advanced cutting-edge technologies and products from home and abroad, as well as creating a business network for full cooperation and product display for all industry insiders. CERAMICS CHINA also succeeds in driving the techno- logical innovation to the market application and leading the technological direction of global ceramic industry.

ng June 18th to 21st, 2019, CERAMICS CHINA will greet everyone with her 33rd anniversary in Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou. Once again, insiders from ceramic industry worldwide will join us again and gather in this world pageant.