Convergence of Cutting-edge Technology and Products
China has become the world’s largest producer and exporter of ceramic products with 30 years of great change in ceramics industry, which mainly counts on the promotion of upstream equipment and raw materials technology. Over the 30 years, CERAMICS CHINA has played an important role in product presentation, technology exchange and trade cooperation.
CERAMICS CHINA leads the development of world’s ceramics technology, drives the innovation of advanced technology and the application of R&D results.
At CERAMICS CHINA, the most up-to-date technologies and products worldwide are displayed and launched, while business networking and cooperation are completely performed for all insiders. CERAMICS CHINA covers all products and services in ceramic chains including raw materials, decoration materials, refractories, machinery and equipments, components, design services, etc.

Exhibits Range:
1. Ceramics Machinery
1.1 Complete Plants For Production
1.2 Raw Materials Extraction And Processing
1.3 Batching And Weighing Systems
1.4 Pressing,Forming And Casting
1.5 Drying,Kiln And Heating
1.6 Glazing,Color Printing And Decoration
1.7 Ceramics Inkjet Printing Equipment
1.8 Surface Treatment And Finishing
1.9 Laboratory And Testing
1.10 Control For Quality And Processing 
1.11 Sorting,Packaging,Storage,Loading 
1.12 Industrial Robot And Intelligent Device
1.13 Tableware ceramics Production And Processing
1.14 Advanced ceramics Production And Processing

2. Ceramics Raw Materials
2.1 Raw Materials
2.2 Chemical Materials
2.3 Mold Materials
2.4 Refractory Materials
2.5 Wear-resistant Material
2.6 Advanced Ceramic raw material and auxiliary

3. Ceramic Decoration Materials
3.1 Pigment,Glaze and Frit
3.2 Inkjet Printing Ink
3.3 Additives
3.4 Stained Paper
3.5 Gold Paste,Liquid gold, liquid luster,Ink Varnish

4. Molds,Tools and Spare Parts
5. Electrical Machine,Reduction Gear,Transducer and Other Mechanical and Electrical Products
6. Energy conservation,Environment Protection,purification and Soundproofing and safety devices
7. Color and Pattern Design
8. Advanced Ceramic Products (structural ceramics,functional ceramics)
9. Development of Manage software and Application system
10. Research,Training,Technology Transfer and Consulting Service
11. Association,Trade Organization, Media