Exhibits Range

Ceramic raw materials and auxiliaries: oxide ceramic powder, non-oxide ceramic powder, acid-resistant and heat-resistant material, additive, catalyst, chemical material, production and auxiliary material, etc.

Powder metallurgy raw materials: non-ferrous metallic powder, non-metallic powder, iron-based powder, atomized powder, refractory metal powder; stainless steel powder, etc.

Equipment, tooling and accessories: equipment for grinding, screening, mixing, molding, drying, sintering and post processing, atmosphere installation, analytical instrument and laboratory equipment, quality and process control equipment, handling, packaging and other automation equipment, molds, tools, parts and accessories.

Advanced ceramics products: structural ceramics (oxide ceramics, non-oxide ceramics, nano-ceramics, low expansion ceramics, ceramic matrix composite, etc.), functional ceramics (electrical ceramics, magnetic ceramics, optical ceramics, sensitive ceramics, biological and chemical functional ceramics, etc).

Powder metallurgy products: iron-, copper-, aluminum- and stainless steel-based sintered parts, injection molding parts, electrical alloys, magnetic materials, carbide and refractory metals, superhard materials, friction materials, porous materials, etc.