Date: June 18th-21st, 2019
Venue: Area A, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou 

From 1987, CERAMICS CHINA has gone through 30 years by recording the increasingly vigorous development as well as witnessing the powerful momentum of growth of Chinese ceramics industry. In the over last 30 years, with joint efforts of China Ceramic Industrial Association, Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and exhibitors, the scale of Ceramics China grows yearly, the popularity and influence has been developes from a small domestic exhibition to world's largest itnernational event. We keep making new records and miracles. Ceramic China grows from the 1000 sqm to 100,000 sqm, from tens of exhibitors to thousands, from thousands of visitors to hundred thousands.

In this world’s largest trading platform for ceramics industry, the most up-to-date technologies and products worldwide are displayed and launched, business communication and cooperation are completely performed for all ceramics people. CERAMICS CHINA drives the technological innovations rapidly flowed to the market, applied and improved in the production. With 30 years, CERAMICS CHINA has been growth herself from the single machinery show to the comprehensive platform for raw materials, decoration materials, technological equipment, spare parts and design services with the full range in this sector. From introducing advance technology from abroad, CERAMICS CHINA is now leading the global technological trend in the ceramics industry.